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Helping you recover from a flooded property event, with a fair insurance settlement and property repairs.

Flooding is a devastating event for any homeowner or commercial property owner, whether it occurs when a river or dam bursts its banks, through flash-flooding or groundwater flooding, via a failure in a sea wall or sewage system, or a burst water mains.

Flood water can rise to a considerable depth, causing extensive water damage. The water typically also contains sewage, mud, silt and sand, chemicals and contaminants, all of which cause other issues and hygiene concerns within the home, office or business premises.

Wading through your policy document may provide you with more questions than answers. You may have no idea where to start, when it comes to getting back to your pre-loss state and trying to move back into your home or commercial premises as fast as possible.

Dealing with flood damage can be traumatic. It typically requires you to understand and try to grasp the full extent of the cover offered by your insurance. This can be tricky and merely add to your anxiety. The great news is that you do not have to do this, as you can simply appoint your own loss assessor, who will do it all for you.

How does a loss assessor help you handle your flood insurance claim?

Property Claim Assist is a loss assessor with years’ of experience in caring for flood claim victimes and one which can offer you our claims expertise for FREE. Our goal is get you the insurance compensation you deserve, whilst also taking the strain of your claim off of your shoulders.

We are all about your securing a fair policy entitlement. We are also thorough, making sure that aspects such as decontamination, stripping out and drying out, antimicrobial treatments and other flood-damaged property restoration works are comprehensively tackled.

We care about your life and mental health and have a team of experts at our disposal who can put your property back together again as swiftly as possible, restoring your daily routine.

How can this be free? All you need do is use our trusted contractors to handle your flood-damaged property repairs. We have vetted their work, so you can have peace of mind. It also speeds things up, as there is no need to source any trades’ quotes for repairs.


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The impacts of flood damage we address

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What Property Claim Assist does for your claim

Need your hand held throughout your flood insurance claim, or need to challenge an unjust adjudication of your claim?

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Why Choose Property Claim Assist?

We Serve the Entire U.K.

Our commercial fire insurance loss assessors work with homeowners, landlords and business owners across the U.K. Call our Kent headquarters for a consultation, and we’ll shortly be on our way to you to provide professional loss assessment services.

An Experienced Team

Property Claim Assist’s team is composed of professional loss assessors with years of experience in the insurance industry. Expect nothing less than fast and expert services from us.

Work in Your Interest

We don’t work for insurance companies. Our team works solely with clients like you. We fight for your interests every time we negotiate with loss adjusters and the companies they work for.

Loss Assessor UK: Your Questions Answered!

The Loss Assessor Role

When you choose to appoint a loss assessor, you can rest assured that you have an advocate in your corner. Loss assessors remove the burden of claims management from you and your family, assisting you with the home insurance claims process from start to finish and working fully to serve their clients’ interests.

Do I need a Loss Assessor?

A loss assessor aims to restore your home or business quickly and professionally. From filling out paperwork full of legal jargon to negotiating with loss adjusters, your assessor gives you back both your time and your peace of mind, as you know that no stone is being left unturned.

Loss Assessor Fees?

When facing financial strain due to property damage, we know that digging deeper into your pockets is the last thing you want to do. Thankfully, engaging a loss assessor won’t drain your bank account – in fact, it can cost you nothing.

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