Although not required by law, home insurance provides essential cover should the worst happen to your property. There are three types of home insurance you can purchase. This includes buildings insurance, contents insurance and a combined buildings and contents insurance.

Property Claim Assist are here to provide you with 5 home insurance statistics so that you can better understand the insurance industry.

home insurance statistics

1. Number of Households Without Home Insurance

There are 22.6 million homes in the UK. Over a quarter (6 million) homes in the UK don’t have any form of home insurance. Find out all you need to know about home insurance here.

2. Average Cost of Home Contents

The average home has contents worth in excess of £35,000. That’s why contents insurance and taking a home inventory is so important.

3. Top Reason for Payouts

Water damage accounted for over 30% of home insurance payouts.

4. How Much is Spent on Escape of Water Payouts

£1.8 million Is paid out every day for ‘escape of water’ claims. Here’s a guide on how to handle escape of water insurance claims.

5. The Average Cost of Home Insurance

The average home insurance cost (for both building and contents cover) is £309 per year.

How Property Claim Assist Can Help

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