We are beyond excited to announce that Prestige Awards have chosen Property Claim Assist as the winner of Loss Assessor of the Year 2022! This is a fantastic achievement for our team who have worked tirelessly to change the way policyholders handle their property insurance claims. We feel honoured to accept this award and look forward to partnering with and representing more and more claimants across the UK.

loss assessor of the year

More importantly, we would like to thank all our clients who have chosen to put their trust in us. You can be assured that our passion and dedication will never waver, and we vow to continue to give hope to property owners across the country and achieve settlements that policyholders had previously given up hope of ever seeing.

Our Journey

In 2020, Gary Rogers and Simon Colburn decided to launch Property Claim Assist in the thick of the coronavirus pandemic, with the sole intention of making a true difference in a systematically flawed industry that benefits from people in the UK being unaware of the work that loss assessors do. Our mission was to drive change in the industry by using our online presence to shine a light on the faults, to encourage the country to make appointing a loss assessor a common practice as it already is in the US. Our team put our policyholders first, by supporting them through the devastation that property damage can bring.

Gary Rogers and Simon Colburn: Directors of Property Claim Assist

Having worked in the industry for decades, our directors Simon Colburn and Gary Rogers formed a partnership, giving property owners professional, experienced and committed support to tackle the deliberately constructed hurdles in the insurance claims industry. Some of these hurdles include unreasonably slow insurer response times, refusals to pay out, unfair attempts to reduce claim settlements, intimidating the claimant to accept substandard offers and a complete lack of respect for the claimant’s needs.

Property Claim Assist’s Mission

From the very beginning, our main goal was to transform, simplify and remove the stress from the property insurance claims process to have an expert on your side. Not excluding translating policy clauses, negotiating the settlement, refuting reasons to reduce or decline your claim, taking the stress off your shoulders and helping you return to your pre-loss condition as swiftly as possible is invaluable to claimants in their time of need. The judges at Prestige Awards were particularly impressed by the passion that our team have for our customer’s circumstances and our readiness to respond at a moment’s notice. They stated that our ”directors positively influence all property reinstatement and have been a crucial part of turning their clients’ lives around following catastrophic events such as fires or floods”. We are available to our policyholders day and night and will lead them through the claims process every step of the way. What’s more, is that our team provide our services for free, if our vetted and trusted contractors carry out the schedule of repair works required at your home or premises.

How we help new policyholders

By appointing our award-winning Loss Assessors, policyholders will get full property claim management and representation, an accurate claim valuation and a full property repair service, at no charge. They won’t have to spend time sourcing building repair quotes and will have no prospect of becoming a victim of cowboy or less-skilled tradespeople. This service offers a lifeline to any policyholder, to get them back on their feet following property damage. Our claim experts are just a call away on 0333 577 2720